On Sep 13, 11:33*pm, MalcolmO wrote:
> > how do i convince thunderbird 2.0 to show recipient instead of
> > sender in the local folders?

> Click the little gadget at the right end of the column titles above the
> scroll elevator. Select & deselect the columns you want.
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> Malcolm

Files disappeared in Local Folders

I have moved a group of folders, in Thunderbird, from my account at my
university from the folder Conferences to the folder Conferences A-F
inLocal Folders on my hard drive. The name of each folder I've moved
appears in the index of Local Folders in Thunderbird, but the files in
the folders don't appear.

Yet if I search for something in the content of the moved files
through Google Desktop, Google shows the file and its contents.

What's going on? They're there, but hidden? How do I get at them?