For 8+ years I have been a pegasus pmail user, and happily so. A year
or so I got a new laptop, and decided to use Thunderbird as my email
client, assuming I would be accessing my email also with Pmail. As
time wore on, I stopped getting the mail through pegasus, though was
never convinced that Thunderbird was superior.

OK, I'm in a jam, and if y'all can help me with this one, I'll

My windows laptop died. After LOTS of effort, the details of which
are too gruesome to mention, I can apparently access the remnants of
whats on that laptop by booting from an Ubuntu CD, mounting the
partition, and hoping that what I need still exists on the disk.

I have a brand new MacBook Pro on order.

So, accessing the semi-dead windows laptop through Ubuntu Linux, what
files should I try to salvage so I can install Thunderbird on my
MacBook and access as much old data as possible?

Not a question that would even fit in the universe of Pegasus users.

Seriously, despite the flippancy above, is there anyway to salvage my
email history given the situation I've described?


Al Folsom