I have the same problem and would be happy to know if you find a

On Aug 12, 10:04*am, d d wrote:
> d d wrote:
> > I have an RSS feed from my Twitter account. It's the feed from when I'm
> > logged into Twitter so that it gets the feeds of all the people that I'm
> > following.

> > Every time I start Thunderbird, I get the password entry screen appear.
> > It has my twitter user id pre-entered and the password pre-entered and
> > the checkbox "should the password manager remember this password"
> > already checked. I have to click OK to continue, and it's a full modal
> > dialog (meaning that until I do, nothing else is going to happen in
> > Thunderbird). The annoying thing is, I can start my PC, go off to make a
> > coffee thinking that when I get back all my emails, rss feeds and usenet
> > messages will have arrived, only to see this annoying prompt there
> > waiting for OK and thunderbird hasn't done anything yet.

> > Is there any way I can make it do what I expect it to do? Namely, not
> > ask me for the password that it already knows. I've already given it and
> > it's already successfully stored, if it hadn't, then I wouldn't get away
> > with simply clicking OK.

> > The same applies to Firefox too. It asks you to click OK even though it
> > already has the password saved.

> > The only time I ever want to see this dialog box is when the password
> > failed and it wants to give me the chance to try a different one and
> > re-save the new one.

> I don't get prompted for my POP accounts for which it's remembered my
> passwords. Is it wrong to not expect to get prompted for RSS feed
> passwords either ?
> I've been googling the hell out of this issue and found nothing in the
> about:config so I'm not hopeful of a good outcome.
> I'm assuming that my only option will be to remove my own
> password-needed twitter feed (which amalgamates all the twitterers that
> I'm following into one RSS feed) and instead I'll have to add individual
> (no password needed) RSS feeds from each of them. That means I'll have
> 23 different RSS feeds. That would suck if I was following hundreds of
> people.