I am a new convert to TB3B3 on Mac from Outlook 2007 on Vista, so
apologies in advance for any newbie questions.

I have about 14 POP e-mail accounts and extensive automation in

I am trying to get a handle on the hierarchy of how the message
filters work in TB3B3, especially in light of the "smart folder"

Similar to OL2007 I have initially set up 4 mail accounts to download
the mails in to the single Inbox Smart Folder within local folders.

In OL2007, we use only one rules database and it does not
differentiate between mail account and folder i.e. all rules/filters
are in one location.

I could understand that the local folder filters can be made to run on
a particular folder while the mail account filters will not.

In TB3 there are separate groups of message filters I can define for
mail accounts separate and the local folder. What is the priority in
which TB3 processes these filters. Mail account first or local folder

Do the local folder filters work on sub-folders automatically also
since there does not seem to be an option.

Ideally, I want a vertical and horizontal sorting of messages. i.e.
Horizontal is from certain people/groups or on a particular subject,
regardless of mailbox. Balance messages to be sorted vertically in to
specific general folder based on mail account. i.e. Mail Account 1 -
General, Mail Account 2 - General, Mail Account 3 - General, etc.

Depending on the priority as in q1, and sub-folder support as in q2,
any advice on what combination of filters would be the best way to
achieve this. In case mail account filters process first and sub-
folders are not supported, then I would have to leave blank since I
want horizontal sorting first and only general messages sorted

Thanks in advance