Take a look at the bug:


It looks like there may be some work around using full vs simple HTML
display options.

Ben Slade

On Jul 26, 5:41*pm, d d wrote:
> Does anyone know if the TB team has fixed the bug in this privacy
> feature? As of 2.0 (according to this link:http://kb.mozillazine.org/Privacy_basics_-_Thunderbird) the feature is
> turned on all the time and can only be disabled per email address. That
> in itself wouldn't seem like a bad idea, but it is when you use the RSS
> Feeds feature of Thunderbird. I suspect emails and RSS feeds are handled
> by two different teams, and that the QA people working on the RSS feeds
> didn't actually try adding any feeds. If they did, they'd see the result
> like I do on every feed I receive. That being the privacy blocked images
> message. When you click on the link to always load images from this
> sender, it takes you to the address book with the email already filled
> out as if it wants to create an address book entry for you. As anyone
> who uses RSS Feeds knows, they don't come from an email address, so
> there's no way you can satisfy this feature. In order to load images
> always from this sender, it needs an email address, but the RSS feed
> sender doesn't provide you with one (because it's not coming from
> email), so when you try and save your new address book entry you get the
> message "email address has to be in the form user@host".
> So I'm forced to compromise my privacy by going into the config editor
> and enabling images for ALL addresses. I only want to enable it for ALL
> RSS Feeds, but that's not an option.
> Really, does nobody else use Thunderbird as their RSS feed reader ?
> Especially the people QA'ing the RSS feed feature in Thunderbird ;-)
> I get 100+ RSS Feeds per day. I'd really rather not have to click on
> Load Images 100 times.