On Jul 17, 9:20*am, David Pyles wrote:
> On 7/17/2009 8:43 AM, Clunker wrote:> On both my laptop and desktop, whenI try to right click "send to" mail
> > recipient - Thunderbird does not open. If I try to send a photo the
> > small window pops up asking if I want to resize or send original size
> > but after OK nothing happens. *I don't know when this started but at
> > least since TB3.0.

> > I tried setting a shortcut on the desktop (mailto and it works every
> > time but right click - send to - mail recipient does not.

> > In Internet Options in Control Panel Thunderbird is set to default and
> > also in Thunderbird itself

> > Does anyone have any ideas why both computers have the same problem. *
> > Thanks

> Go into your "Set Program Access Defaults" dialog (if you can't find it
> otherwise, go to "add/remove programs" and click the button on the lower
> left), select Mozilla Thunderbird and click "OK."
> I have had to do that every time M$ updates anything to do with Outlook
> lately.
> Dave Pyles

Thanks, that worked like a charm for me
frank chantry