On Jul 26, 3:06*pm, "W. eWatson" wrote:
> LHenry wrote:
> > W. eWatson wrote:
> >> Can it be done? Subject. I could do it in Seamonkey.

> > Yes it can be done, but you have to drag the attachments to the upper
> > right corner of the email.
> > The addresses box will split and the attachment window will appear...
> > drop them in there.

> > My personal opinion on this particular function is that it's clunky.

> > Hope this helps.

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> > LEHenryJr.
> > Thunderbird / Vista 64
> > version (20090605)

> Thanks. Up to a point I like it. Where I don't like it is that unlike
> SeaMonkey the little window is visible, so it's quite obvious. At least,
> that's my recollection.

The attachment pane was always visible in earlier versions of TB as
well. You can actually drag an attachment anywhere in the address
pane area (not just the right portion where the attachment pane will
be) and then the attachment pane will be visible. It's a bit
annoying if you don't use it often. I imagine this behavior was added
to increase the address pane width for long email addresses. I
would have liked it better if you could just drag the attachment
anywhere in the window including the message body.

Just my 2 cents,