I have a confusing mail situation. Previously I was using Evolution
then GoogleMail and had no problems. Now I am using Thunderbird (v and emails I send to a mailing list which I am a member of
do not appear in my inbox.

I have a googlemail account; Call it me@googlemail.com.

I also have another email account I use for work; Call it me@work.com.

As part of my work I use a mailing list a lot; Call it

me@googlemail.com is setup to receive POP mail from work.com.
Thunderbird is setup to receive messages from me@googlemail.com. I
have setup another identity in Thunderbird for me@work.com. Both
me@googlemail.com and me@work.com subscribe to the mailing list.

When others send email to list@project.com it shows up in my inbox in
Googlemail and in Thunderbird. When I send email to list@project.com
from Thunderbird it shows up in my sent box but not in my inbox. I
know the message is being received by the list because others are able
to respond to it.

I suspect that rather than being a bug with Thunderbird, I have just
configured something improperly. Any ideas?