On Apr 27, 9:40*pm, Tarkus wrote:
> Rahul wrote:
> > In TB if I trust a sender (usually newsletters) and always want to display
> > images embedded in emails from that sender there sure is an option but if I
> > click it wants to add the sender to my address book.

> > This works but is this the most logical way to do things? Why not have a
> > seperate "whitelist" of emails too.

> > In most cases these are unmonitored email addresses that the newsletters
> > etc come from so there's no real reason for them to clutter my address-book
> > just to get them whitelisted (IMHO).

> That's what "Collected Addresses" is for.

The point is that this method is not very efficient. Many
regular newsletters use a bunch of different reply addresses
for different letters, but always come from the same domain.
It would be nice to add "*@abecnmedia.com" to the list instead
of collecting dozens of different names all to receive the
same newsletter.

Just my 2 cents,