Hey guys, got a question for ya...

I have Thunderbird v2.0.0.19 installed on about 4 machines, (Windows
XP Professional). They are running IMAP email from NetINS. Problem is
that two of them recently decided to act up. One day it was working
and the next it is weird.

You see, a great many of the email's with attachments, (could be PDFs,
JPGs, etc), will show as if there is an attachment there, but then
when you click on the email, the text in the body goes away and the
attachment (along with the icon) goes away. We know for certain the
stuff is there still because we can go through the webmail interface
and view everything. What could be going wrong here? Remember, this
isn't ALL the attachments, just some, and I can't seem to find a
repeating pattern. Also, this is occuring in a "dummy" email account
I created called ARCHIVE so they can move their emails over and set
them there.. it started happening there as well. (At first I thought
it was the IMAP functionality, now I'm not so sure).

I did attempt to do searches on Google and Mozilla's site with nothing
that seemed to help. I tried deleting the INBOX and INBOX.msf files
but the problem remained.