Hi all

Just wondering if this is a bug, feature or i'm not using TB right! I
didnt find this directly, an acquaintance did, and i've translated the
names and adresses involved into the most simple and generic test case
to reproduce the behaviour.

This is the observed behaviour:

I have an address in my Contacts Personal Address Book, display name
A2, email address A@b.compute. While this seems unrealistic, imagine
that this is used on an internal network where b.compute is a valid
DNS'd domain. I now Compose new mail, and try to send a message using
To: to A@b.com.

The problem is that TB insists on replacing my A@b.com with A2
taken from the Contacts. I'm guessing that my intention
to use a substring, A@b.com, is being overridden by the autocompleter
and it's match on A@b.compute.

So, anyone, bug / feature / my fault?!