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> >>>> ajwh wrote:
> >>>>> Scenario:

> >>>>> POP3 mailbox. When I DELETE a message from the inbox, it gets deleted
> >>>>> from the server, as I would expect.

> >>>>> When I MOVE the message to a local folder, it goes from the inbox,
> >>>>> but isn't deleted from the server.

> >>>>> The result is that the server mailbox is full of messages which
> >>>>> aren't in my inbox, so I have to go to the server from time to time
> >>>>> to delete them.

> >>>>> I would have thought that MOVE would do a COPY followed by a DELETE..

> >>>>> Am I missing something?

> >>>>> Andrew

> >>>> Yes. The simple answer, and the way most people use a POP3 server, is
> >>>> to have messages you have downloaded to your computer automatically
> >>>> deleted from the server. This relieves you of the need to maintain two
> >>>> sets of messages, and avoids confusion, while making your access to
> >>>> the messages faster, with less bandwidth used.

> >>> First of all I don't know the answer offhand but I don't think you
> >>> answered his question ...

> >>> The "move" function not only moves files to another location but also
> >>> "deletes" the files in the old location. He's wondering why, if he
> >>> MOVES, a message from the INBOX to another location on his HD, then why
> >>> doesn't it also perform the "delete function" in Thunderbird as if he
> >>> "deleted" it from within TB and also took advantage of the "remove from
> >>> server" function as well. In other words, MOVE isn't doing the same
> >>> thing as DELETE in TB.

> >>> Sounds like a bug to me and should be filed.

> >> Bull**** (sorry), you can only move messages within the thunderbird
> >> folder tree, not to any other place, you can save them, but that's not
> >> the same thing. You can delete messages, from anywhere inside the
> >> local folder tree, and they will be deleted from the server.
> >> Thunderbird only has access to one folder on a pop3 server, all
> >> messages in your local folder tree come from there and should remain
> >> there until you delete them. Moving messages inside your local folder
> >> tree should not delete them.
> >> Suppose we'd have it the op's way, that would make it impossible to
> >> filter messages into different folders and still access the pop3
> >> server from different computers/locations/profiles. Messages would
> >> disappear immediately upon filtering. It would make thunderbird
> >> completely unusable.
> >> It works exactly as it should, the op only has to figure out how to
> >> use filters, folders and retention policies.

> >> Michel.

> > I said "to HD", wrong terminolgy, meant to say "to any folder" in TB.
> > Bug stands.

> > Now we're speaking strictly of semantics. MOVE to anyone familiar with
> > the MOVE command would consider the message deleted when moved to
> > another location (folder in TB). There is a distinction in TB between
> > MOVE and DELETE in the same drop-down lists of features/functions
> > available. However, as you mention, MOVING a message in TB to another
> > folder does not actually DELETE as we know it to be but actually does
> > remove it from the original location. So, is this a DELETE that does not
> > follow established traditions or not?

> I get the impression some of you think your local inbox is or should be
> sort of synchronised with the inbox at your pop3 server, in that case,
> moving messages out of the local inbox would delete messages on the
> server. It is not, if you want that, use imap. Pop3 servers only
> understand a few commands, move is not one of them. Also, pop3 servers
> know nothing of subfolders, not on the server, not on your computer.
> Again, if you want that, use imap.
> An extra context menu item "delete from server" might work for the op.
> I suppose that could be done, but it would be a new feature, I see no bug..
> Michel

I suppose the confusion might be that when we look at the folders
organization in Thunderbird, there are folders listed under each
service and there are folders listed as 'local'. An easy conclusion
is that local means 'not remote'.

If I have the setting set to leave messages on the server until I
'delete' them, it seems to make some sense to remove them from the
server if I move them to a 'local' folder.

As to why we might want to leave messages on the server, in today's
connected world there are many ways to access mail. I have a desktop,
a laptop, a cellphone, and also occasionally check email from
elsewhere via a web interface. Sometimes I want to refer back to a
message on another device than I initially read it on.

I'm only seeing pop3 & smtp listed for my ISP. I'll have to bug them
about imap (and check whether/how it does what I'm looking for).

Plus check whether the useful Toolbar Buttons Add-on might be able to
add a real move operation.

- jevans