On Mar 31, 11:33*am, Ralph Fox <-rf-...@-.invalid> wrote:
> On 2009-03-31 15:43, Old Jack wrote:
> > When I try sending a bulk Bcc e-mail to a group I receive the following
> > message:

> > "An error occurred while sending e-mail. *The mail server responded:
> > That mailbox does not exist. *Please check the message recipients and
> > try again".

> > This just started after running successfully for several years. Other
> > bulk groups work satisfactorily. There are about 70 addresses in the
> > failing group.

> One of the email addresses in the group is no longer valid.
> Perhaps one of the recipients has quit their ISP.
> You may not need to check all the email addresses in the list.
> The bad email address is probably on the same ISP that you are
> using to post with.
> > Does anyone have any ideas to remedy this situation?

> Try sending to the top half of the list first.
> If that works, you know the bad address is in the bottom half.
> If that doesn't work, you know the bad address is in the top half.
> Either way, you have halved the number of addresses to be checked.
> Once you have found which half the bad address is in, you can
> halve the problem again, and again.

there must be a better way and i'm sure the error log will tell you
what recipient failed