On Mar 28, 1:35*am, samuel wrote:
> On 28/3/2009 11:20, Larry Gusaas wrote:
> > Does your Gmane account (Tools/Account Settings) have a valid email
> > address?
> > Is the URI: "news://news.gmane.com" ?
> > Is the "Outgoing Server (SMTP) :" set to the proper account?

> > Are you sending from your Gmane account? The From: field should be"Your
> > name -name of your Gmane account". If you try to
> > send from a different account your post won't be sent.

> The email address should valid because I use exactly the same address in
> this newsgroup. The URI is news.gmane.org
> I use the same SMTP sever that I use in this newsgroup.
> The From: field is "samuel news.gmane.org"

I'm seeing the same thing. I can get newsgroup messages (gmane), but
can't write. And this to newsgroups with open posting.

I'm using tbird 3 beta on Fedora 11 beta. tbird 2 used to work just
fine on this machine

From: sean darcy news.gmane.org

Newsgroup: gmane.linux.redhat.testers

server is set to news.gmane.org port 119