On Mar 19, 7:18*pm, John Corliss wrote:
> I've been using the Tb AutoSave Extension 0.1.6 for a long time to do
> this, but it hasn't been under development since way back when. To keep
> it working, I've been making it compatible with the MR Tech Toolkit
> extension. This is might eventually going to backfire on me and mess
> things up badly.
> I use the extension manually every once in a while. It extracts the
> individual emails and names them by date, who sent them and subject
> line. After I back it all up this way, I .zip the backup folder I saved
> all the emails into (they're also organized into the same archive folder
> structure I use) and then delete all the original email from within
> Thunderbird.
> There is always Moz Backup, but I'm not interested in saving my entire
> profile (I do this another way.)
> I wish email wasn't stored in a huge file the way it is in Thunderbird
> and OE. This necessitates continually compacting the messages, which can
> lead to problems eventually. I really wish the option to simply store
> email as individual files from the get-go was possible.
> At any rate, since Tb AutoSave Extension 0.1.6 is dead in the water, is
> there anything else out there which is similar?
> --
> John Corliss