On Mar 20, 9:40*pm, Jimmy Clay wrote:
> Leonidas Jones wrote:
> > sharon wrote:
> >> Jimmy Clay wrote:
> >>> Hello, I just installed Thunderbird and like it. The only thing that
> >>> it does not have that I wish it did is the ability to edit attachments
> >>> (open a Word file directly from the email, edit the document, then
> >>> save it in the email itself).

> >>> Is there an add on out there that will let me do this?

> >>> Thanks
> >>> Jimmy

> >> There's not always somebody here, but doing a quick search I didn't find
> >> any way, other people have more knowledge than I do

> > I know of nothing either. *I think you would have to download the file,
> > edit it, and then reattach it.

> > I'm just cusrious, whiy do you need to do this. *If its to forward the
> > email with a corrected file, my workaround should be pretty easy.

> > Lee

> Most just for conveyance. At work Lotus Notes will let me do this and it
> is nice. I have a personal file that I email to work, do some work on
> it, then email it home, where I do more work on it, then email it the
> next day back to work. Same attachment day after day.

I am not sure your workflow makes sense but it sounds easy enough to
write. Maybe you meant that one can bring up a context menu on an
attachment and have a entry for "Reply with Edit" or something like
that. The handler for the context menu would call
messenger.openAttachment and poll the temporary file. At the same time
a draft reply would be created. Every time the temp file modification
time changes the attachment to the draft would be updated.