I started Thunderbird and got the new account wizard. I panicked, and
tried to import my old mbox files, to restore my inbox and all the sub
folders. Now there is only mail from May 2008 and before. I found the
article topic addressing the new account wizard popping up after I did
that. That article tells you go to the topic on moving profile, which
tells you go to the topic on backing up profile. I thought I did them
all correctly. Now I have the default profile in the Tbird profile
folder, and a copy of it stored elsewhere. But I also have 3
"profiles" (?) in the Profile Manager. I can send and receive new
emails, but still only have the old emails/folders from May 2008. So,
my questions are:
1. Should I delete the emails/folders I imported and try again? If so,
what are the steps?
2. Which mail folder should I have Tbird point to, to get my recent
emails, and how?
3. Should I delete any of the "profiles" in the profile manager?
4. How do I get my emails, folders, and address book back from May
2008 to present?
What other info do you need to help me? Please help, and Thank you!