On Nov 26, 2:01*am, "Moz Champion (Dan)"
> LEHenryJr wrote:
> > Guys,
> > When reading messages in Thunderbird, I understand it has it's toggle
> > options in the context menu [when you right-click], but can you simply
> > add a option in the menu for both options [Mark as Read or Mark as UnRead]?

> > The option in Thunderbird is kinda like the start button in windows;
> > pressing Start to 'logout' is not the politically correct.

> > Is there an extension or a modification that can be made to Thunderbird
> > to make this a little more clear?

> > I hope I have explained this well enough.

> > thank you in advance

> > ------------------------------
> > LEHenryJr.
> > Thunderbird / Vista 64
> > Version (20080914)

> In the context menu
> If the message is marked read (as it usually is)
> Then
> Mark-->V As Read * *(thats a checkmark there not a V)
> indicating that the message is already marked read
> selecting it again, will mark the message unread
> If the message is marked unread then
> Mark-->As Read *appears (no checkmark)
> There are other means of accomplishing the same task as well
> Using the Mark button in the toolbar is the same toggle
> (if read, mark makes it unread)
> Or you can use the keyboard shortcut M
> as well, this is a toggle, using it on a read message will make it unread..
> Suggestion.
> Use the M key (or the Mark button) when you what to mark a message
> unread. In this means, you become accustomed to it and it becomes the
> UNmark key or button in essence. *Simpler than the right click menu
> selection as well.

BTW "j" toggles "junk" the same way.