FF keeps failing and I've tried the common fixes. I will click a link
or refresh and it acts like it's fetching but never finishes. The
wheel icon that shows activity will be spinning, the status bar may
say it's loading something but once it's failed nothing more loads. If
I stop it loading and try again then the wheel is active but the
status bar will show "done" or "stopped". I can pull down menus and
move around the current page but nothing more loads. I exit and don't
get any error but task manager shows it still running and I stop it

I've gone through the knowledge base suggestions, turned off all add-
ons, uninstalled and re-installed, removed Flash, tried just going to
a few sites that have always worked, like my web mail, cleared cache,
temp files, windows prefetch. It's getting worse, happening sometimes
every few minutes. Other times it will work fine for a while and even
stream media and not fail.

If it's connected with some update I've lost track. Vista, java, FF
all update themselves and the first couple of times this happened it
was far enough between I just took it as a fluke. FF has worked fine
on this system with Vista for over a year. This is on a laptop and
occurs regardless where I'm connected.

Using FF 3.0.3. Suggestions much appreciated.