Thought I'd try to send this again; I haven't seen it show up yet. Any help
will be greatly appreciated.


I hope someone can help me to repair my copy of Seamonkey 1.1.12.

Today I attempted to implement the 'roaming' features of Seamonkey so that I
could use my bookmarks, etc from my home desktop (xp service pack 2) on my
laptop (also xp service pack 2) when away from home. I tried to use a folder
on my newly created 'space' on Microsoft 'Skydrive'. I cut & pasted the web
address for the skydrive folder into the setup window for seamonkey roaming,
& added my username & password. When I shut down seamonkey, a new window
appeared that seemed to indicate that my profile was being transfered. The
window remained on the screen for many (untimed) minutes, then disappeared,
followed shortly by a popup that said that seamonkey had 'encountered a
problem & would shut down'.

Now, each time I start seamonkey I get the profile transfer window for a
couple of seconds followed by the problem/shutdown window for seamonkey. I
tried rebooting, followed by doing another install, but apparently the new
installation just picks up the previous configuration & I get the same

I'm typing this from my laptop, currently away from my home computer.

I assume that there's a parameter in a file somewhere that I can edit prior
to starting seamonkey, but I'm a power(less) user, not an expert. If you can
point me to the file & parameter, please be as specific as possible about
the file's location & whether it's a hidden file. I can find my way around
ok using Windows Explorer, but I will need fairly specific directions on
where & what to change.