On 12/10/2008 Onno Ekker wrote:
> Peter Lawson wrote:
> > > TB
> > > Why is it that, when I forward a message, the header information

> is
> > > included in the body of the message? I cannot find a setting to

> change
> > > this.

> You can either forward a message inline or as attachment. When you
> forward the message inline, you see (some of) the headers included in
> the body of the message. Depending on whether you view all headers or
> only normal headers, all headers or normal headers are included. AFAIK
> there is no preference to change this behavior. If you don't want the
> headers, you'll have to remove them from the message you're composing.
> Which is of course easier than typing them in case you want them...

Thanks, Onno. Setting View Headers to 'normal' has reduced the number of
lines I have to delete :-)

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