On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 20:15:24 +0000, propman wrote:

> Adam wrote in news:kP6Ik.3092$as4.2945
> @nlpi069.nbdc.sbc.com:
>> Not sure whether this is a Linux FireFox2 bug but would like to find a
>> "non-manual" workaround ... 1) FireFox2 fails to import folders in
>> "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder".
>> [Whatever folders I added next to "Getting Started" and "Latest
>> Headlines" were not imported.]
>> Any suggestions?

> IIRC, I too ran across that (or similar) when trying to import into FF2.
> Have you looked in "Organize Bookmarks"? Again if I remember correctly,
> all imported bookmarks were placed into their own separate sub-folder,
> from which they could just be dragged to the appropriate main folders.
> Another method I use to use was just to delete (or rename) the current
> (newly installed) bookmark.htm and then copy my old bookmark.htm file to
> the newly installed browser directory.
> .....and like another participant here suggested, FF3 works like a
> charm, so you'd probably be ahead of the game by just going ahead and
> installing it. :-)

AHA! Found 'em! Thanks!

Doing a bookmark search in "Bookmarks Manager" (via
"Organize Bookmarks") came up blank earlier. But,
after reading your post, I manually looked through
all bookmarks in "Bookmarks Manager" and found them.

Would be nice if "Bookmarks Manager" search processed everything
[all names (including folders) as well as locations].