I've sent emails from my old email program to TB by redirecting them to
myself and letting TB take them in from my ISP. But for some reason a lot
of them simply do not appear at my ISP isp.com, now run on pop.gmail).

Oddly enough, I copied a couple of these uncooperative emails
(individually) into new TB messages and sent them that way. Those emails
fail to go through my ISP when stuffed inside a new TB email just as when
redirected. It's as though there's something wrong with them that
prevents them from delivering.

(The ones I sent inside TB messages are recent and were cleared by AVG 8
email checker. Also the whole mess have been gone over repeatedly by AVG
8 general scanning.)

These emails are stored descretely in raw condition locally, just as they
came in. Header, text and all appear together in an editor. Is there a
way to import them directly to TB? (As the subject indicates, these are
in an email program other than those TB will import automatically.)


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