**Noob alert**

I'm struggling to understand how the patch viewer is suppose to work,
can someone explain how to use this as I am completely lost...

here is what I have set up

bugzilla 3.0.4 and cvs both running on the same box
bugzilla parameter for patch viewer set up to the cvs root
(/usr/local/cvsroot) (why exactly do I need this?)

I havent done any config in cvs (do I need to? and what?)
and that is it.

Now how do I link cvs data to a bug? I saw in the attachment there is a
"Patch" check-box but how do you attach a patch to the bug and why did I
then need the the above mentioned parameter?

Sorry guys, but I'm really new to the bugzilla thing and would really
love to see cvs changes in bugzilla

Any help would be really appreciated

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