On 14-08-08 00:02, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> Jens Hatlak wrote:
>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

>>> it means you have a bad extension or theme. Close SM, then look in
>>> the profile, and remove the chrome directory. Restart SM. Did this
>>> work?

>> Since he said he created a new user account I suspect it might
>> actually be an extension installed into the SeaMonkey application
>> directory...

> could be, but lets just try one thing at a time.

OK, I've had another look at it, but all of this just doesn't make
sense. I actually created another brand new Mac user-account from
scratch again just to give it a new try. Same thing happened there.

And since Seamonkey works fine with my normal Mac user-account (I'm
writing this with Seamonkey) I don't believe it can be an extension
inside the Seamonkey application causing the problem. I also downloaded
and re-installed Seamonkey yesterday (just in case it was damaged).

Oh, I did actually try deleting the "Chrome" folder, but that didn't
change anything (not that I expected it to either, because as I said I
created the Seamonkey account from scratch on a brand new Mac user-account).
Maybe it's a MacOS thing.