I thank you so much for contacting me. I'm not an expert in this area so
whatever help I can get is much appreciated. Even if I can't get it
fixed........which I hope I can. I appreciate the help!

OK! Yes I did my editing/reconfiguring in the Thunderbird through the tools
> account settings and changed the server settings and outgoing settings to

what the Qwest tech person instructed me to do in my Thunderbird for upgrade
to the new qwestoffice servers. If that is the same as the account manager
window? I did not see anything called or titled the account window manager.

I also have gone into the options > privacy > passwords and removed any
passwords I had.

Yes! In my qwest account site I changed or reset the password.

Just so I'm clear. I can retrieve my emails from and send
emails. But once I attempt to do either it asks for my password. I put in
my password and ck box to have manager save. Hit OK and my emails download.
But then in a minute or so I get an alert that reads: "Sending of password
did not succeed. Mail server responded. Login failed".
Then I hit OK and the vicious circle starts and it asks me again for my
password and continues this circle until I just hit cancel to stop it

I'm sorry but I'm not sure what the left pane of the dialog is. Unless you
are referring to the left side of the Thunderbird account setting box.

Let me know what you think.
J Bonzer