do you have an internet security suite or firewall blocking your access to the internet for thunderbird?

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Subject: Cannot get Thunderbird to work

I have downloaded Thunderbird and TRY to use it with Windows XP and COMCAST.
I have used and still use Windows Live Mail and I know it works.
I also have repeatedly checked in Thunderbird the Outgoing mail settings and
they are:
which is correct yet Thunderbird always comes back that the settings may be
incorrect or the server is busy.

I am almost giving up on this Thunderbird since it is so hard to configure.
I have in the past used also Outlook, Outlook Express and never had such

I also would like to import folders and messages from Winows Live Mail into
Thunderbird, but an earlier post never got a response regarding this part.

Now I wonder whether someone has the answer to my problems with Thunderbird.

Thanks in advance

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