May be of interest -- problem is solved.

I saw that the update was available, and updated via
Help menu for update to FF 3.0.1 and saw 1/3 of my extensions
get disabled even though I have extensions.checkCompatibility
set to False. I could not enable the extensions and had to reinstall.
and all the exclamation points indicating versioning problems
disappear -- no good. I disabled Nightly Tester Tools, and all of
the extensions that I had enabled before became enabled once more
and those that were originally disabled remained disabled. Then
I re-enabled NTT and everything was okay no desecration of the
of the versioning exclamation point indicators so I can see again see
which are supposedly not compatible as some of those may be the
first to be disabled if there are any problems, and everything is okay.
So next update, I will remember to disable NTT.

The only part of NTT that I actually really need is the ability to put
information into the Windows Title Bar.

David McRitchie, extensions I use are briefly documented on my site
Firefox Custom: