I would like to build a fairly simple extension for Thunderbird but every time I
try to get started, the whole process feels like a career move instead of a
relatively simple task. Given that lots of people are making extensions,
obviously missing something. But what I want to do shouldn't take any more than
a day and I've spent five or 10 days over the past few months just tracking down
documentation and my search for all the elements I need to complete my project
is still not complete.

Obviously the process is complicated by my damaged hands and requirements and
must use speech recognition when interacting with a computer but even still, I
managed to write fairly complicated Python code by voice but JavaScript is an
absolute nightmare for speech recognition driven programming. XML is even worse.

I know this may seem confrontational but it's really not intended as such. If
I'm locked out of developing extensions because is something that
unintentionally excludes the disabled, fine, I'll go and try and find someone
who will be my co-conspirator and has working hands. sometimes it is difficult
to separate out inherent problems in an environment such as developing
extensions verse is problems caused by physical pain when using a computer.
Talk about an incentive to not learn something. :-)