We're upgrading to 3.0 and had questions whether or not to continue
using flags or whether to convert our flags to custom fields. The
bugzilla documentation warns not to over-use custom fields, but how do
custom fields relatively impact performance and usability, i.e. compared
to falgs?

Can anyone comment on "best practices?"

Here's a breakdown


- Both allow you to add an attribute to a bug.


- flags can depend on product and component. Custom fields are
the same for all bugs.

- Flags have an additional drop down in front of the "value".
This drop down has options: +,-, and ?. As a rule, this additional drop
down confuses users

- You can add a flag to attachments

- Different permissions. You need to be an administrator to add
custom fields. You need edit product permissions to add flags. (Thus
flags have looser controls)