I have a Firefox extension that works with my Windows product, CSE HTML
Validator. I paid someone to write this extension for me:

I'd like to update it to work with Firefox 3. Several users are asking for
support in Firefox 3.

I have no previous Firefox extension development skills but I think I'd like
to do this myself (with some help). I've tried contacting the original
author but it seems he is not available to assist.

I tried updating the version in the install.rdf file and it installed in
Firefox 3, but it doesn't work right. Something more must be needed.

Is there any experienced extension developer who would like to help me with
this? In return, I'd be happy to give you a free license or two or more of
CSE HTML Validator Professional which sells for $129 and a note of thanks!
Hopefully it isn't that difficult to update for FF 3.

Albert Wiersch