I use an Intel iMac C2D, OS 10.5.2, SM 1.1.9 for Mac and PopChar v.4.0.

Recently PopChar has been portraying all non-alpha characters as html entities
instead of the character itself.

For example, when I select the registered trademark ("R" symbol with circle) it
displays as [ ® ] instead of the symbol itself.

I see no way to turn this off, and have it start portraying the character I ask for.

I also have not paid attention to precisely when it all started.
Was it when I upgraded to SM 1.1.9? Or when I upgraded to PopChar 4.0?

I'd like to hear from someone who has had the same problem, and the solution
thereof, as reverting to a previous version of either application is not a
preferred solution.

Thanks ahead of time.

keith whaley