I searched the mailing list archives and did not see anything similar.

If I use some SQL reserved words in a comment the comment won't save and
process_bug.cgi will hang until the request times out. I am running
Bugzilla 3.0.4 (this happened under 3.0.3 and I upgraded to see if that
would fix the problem - but it didn't) with MySQL 5.0.20 on a Solaris 9
server. The two examples that won't commit are:

create into into

select table table

Both of these were from much larger comments but I kept deleting words
to see if the comment would save and those two combinations above hang

I opened a ticket 436165 with Bugzilla developers, but it seems to work
on their system and that was the reason I upgraded to Bugzilla 3.0.4

Any pointers on how to debug this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Thomas Boyda
Health Solutions
Vangent, Inc.
276-739-2314 (Desk)