On Thu, 5 Jun 2008 08:59:07 +0200 "Masopust, Christian"
> Documentation of bugzilla (2.3 Optional Additional Configuration)
> describes how to setup cron-jobs for graphs and whining. when running
> the cron-job for graphs as root I always had problems in accessing
> the created stats by the webinterface. So I moved the cron-job from
> root to apache, but when running the jobs as apache-user output
> cannot be written to data-dirs....

That's right, you shouldn't be running things as apache, you
should be running them as root. If apache owns those files, that makes
things slightly less secure, because then the webserver could
theoretically write to them.

> or... what did i wrong that data cannot be read when running
> the cron-job as root?

Are you certain that the $webservergroup is correct in
localconfig? There's some permissions problem, obviously--root should
be able to read everything, and set permissions properly. You could
try running checksetup again.

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