Hmm. faced a new problem.

I have created a keyboard layout to type in Unicode Hindi. It maps ascii
of a normal keyboard to Unicode Hindi. I switch between Unicode Hindi
and ascii English by windows xpsp3's usual language control methods,
mostly by left alt - left shift key combo.

It works fine in TB and FF.

The problem is: If I am typing something in TB in Unicode Hindi and then
I forget to switch back to ascii english, TB stops responding to
keyboard shortcuts for various actions (N next mail, P previous
message). Nothing works and I am puzzled what happened till I realize
somehow what is the reason and change back to ascii english.

I think it is a TB bug because I just tried and FF3b3 is responding well
to keyboard shortcuts even when my keyboard is mapped to unicode hindi.
In firefox, ctrl-n still opens new window, ctrl-n still opens new tab.

btw, in TB also, control character keyboard shortcuts still work, even
in unicode mapped mode. Ctrl-n still opens new compose message window.
It is just the non-ctrl, single char keyboard shortcuts that don't work.
I don't know whether the same would be the case if ff also because I am
not able to think up of any non-ctrl, single char keyboard shortcut for
ff to try it out. But, if the same condition is there in ff, then it is
a bug there also.

So, I wish something should be done by developers to respond to pressed
keys bypassing the unicode mapping.