I'm trying to install on a windows machine (Vista). I've been following the
windows specific installation document and am getting hung-up at the stage
where I run checksetup.pl for the first time.

I get an error saying that I am missing one of the required perl modules

However, when I tried to install that module from the ppm site listed in the
install (and also from the site listed in the checksetup.pl output, I
checked both) I get an error

Error: Failed to download url http://... Email-MIME-ContentType.ppd: 404 Not

I was able to install all of the other required modules. I did a search on
the repositories and couldn't find this module at all.

Since there is a note saying that some part of email doesn't work on windows
(inbound, I think), do I care about this error anyway? I tried to move on to
the next step, just to see how far I could get and I don't seem to have a
localconfig file in c:\bugzilla directory. I'm suspicous that this has
something to do with the fact that the checksetup.pl didn't appear to run to
the end (I'm not getting all of the example output text that is shown in the
directions), but dont' really know ? Perhaps this is a separate issue ? In
which case, if email won't work from Bugzilla, but you know how to get me
past this other issue, that would actually suffice for the moment. But any
help on either would be great.

Suzanne Ezell