This started when I disabled the AVG link scanner in favor of McAfee Site
Advisor. It was already disabled in the AVG setup.

Then FF wouldn't _consistently_ remember my entries in the Google
search field. It appears to save single-word searches sometimes, and
multi-word searches less often. A failed search might work next time even
if spelled the same.

But it does remember within the session, even if I open a new FF window. If
I close FF and start a new session then it has the form history that was
there before all this, but usually not the new entries.

Since the field has the same name as the one in IMDB, and the form history
is always the same, I tried it there and it works -- well, more often. A
search entered in IMDB also appears in Google's search field, and persists
in a new session. Not 100% of the time, so it isn't much of a clue, but it
definitely works more often.

So I tried uninstalling AVG and FF. I reinstalled the same FF and
then Avast instead of AVG. I deleted Google's cookie and took Google off
the block list (where it appears after deleting the cookie).

The problem remains though.


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