On 30/05/08 01:34, King of the R.O.U.S.'s wrote:
> Hi All
> The built-in anti-Spam in Thunderbird isn't very good (to say the least),
> there are a few different add-ons that claim to do the job. Which is the
> best, what is everybody's recommendations for this?
> ~Inigo

If you train the Junk Mail Controls by manually marking false positives
(legit mail detected as Junk) as non-junk and false negatives
(undetected junk), they progressively become better as time goes on and
they "learn" what "your" spam looks like. At the moment I practically
never get a false positive and only a few false negatives -- of course,
I still dutifully mark them.

Which "other" spam filter is best may depend on your OS. When I was on
Windows, I used SpamPal http://www.spampal.org/ which has a lot of
well-thought-out configuration options and for which Thunderbird has an
option setting. Its only downpoint is that it is Windows-only.

For Linux I've heard a lot of good about SpamAssassin (which Thunderbird
can also recognise) but I haven't tested it myself, even though it comes
with my Linux distribution (SuSE). Finally I decided to try and train
the built-in bayesian filters in Thunderbird (and then in SeaMonkey),
and, as I said above, I don't feel the need to look for something else

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