Hi! I'm afraid the answer to this might not be what I'd hoped for, but
I have a plugin to be installed. I've developed an application
installer for it since it installs a great number of dependent DLLs
and even a hardware driver (the plugin is very targted towards a
specific piece of hardware). The resulting MSI file runs the
installation application for the (third party) hardware driver along
with the installation of the plugin and 19 dependent DLLs (complex
plugin, to be sure).

Now the folks I wrote this for want to have it install itself like OCX
files can be installed for Internet Explorer. I know I could have
created the manifest file and installed it that way, but the problem
is the great number of dependent DLLs and (worse) the separate driver
install (an EXE).

Is it possible to install something like this, using perhaps the
tag (like Flash?). I've tried the tag with the
codebase attribute with no luck, although the version may be goofed up
(don't know).

Anyone tried this and got it to work? TIA, definitely...