On 30-4-2008 1:53, redtech116 wrote:
> Well in the attached HTML when you submit it, it attaches all if this:
> ProviderName=Kroger&ServiceName=krogerGetAcknowledge&ServiceVersion=null&LanguageName=en&CountryName=US&MID=&targetURL=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8991%2Fshprod%2 Fservlet%2FServletBroker&timestamp=Thu+Mar+16+10%3A51%3A43+GMT%2B02%3A00+20 00&timeZone=...&envelopeEncoding=&inputEncoding=&outputEncoding=&AuthorizedUser=&AuthorizedPassword=&string.P_EVENT__T=DISAKN&string.P_CALL__T=353946&integer.P_ACTION_NO=1&String.P_EMP_KEY=533214-2011&String.P_ETA=29+Apr+2008&String.P_ETA_TIME=16%3A00
> it attaches the above as a file called Postdata.att when using IE7 to
> Outlook & IE7 to thunderbird, but does not when going from Firefox to
> Thunderbird
> In Thunderbird it just becomes text at the bottom of the message
> any ideas when i hit the submit button at the bottom of the HTML form
> why it does not attach the Postdata.att file when using Firefox to open
> the HTML file and Thunderbird as my mail client?
> thanks

Simple (stupid?) answer: because Firefox has been programmed to do so.
If you have a look at the source code of the Mozilla 1.8 branch, you'll
see that the form data gets added as a body-parameter to the mailto-URL:

I don't know if there's an official standard (like an RFC or a w3.org
recommendation) on how to handle form data when submitted to a mailto
URL. Probably there is no such standard, which would explain why you
experience differences between various browsers and mail clients.

I did some testing with your form using FF, IE7 and TB
on Windows XP Pro SP2.

Contrary to your findings, I found that IE7 does NOT transfer any form
data to TB (neither as an attachment Postdata.att, nor in the body of
the mail).

When TB is not yet running, the browsers are using the following
commandline to launch TB to send the email:
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -osint -compose
"mailto:facilities.maintenance@kroger.com?subject=F ormEmail&body=Sending%20a%20reply%20to%20Kroger...&force-plain-text=Y&body=ProviderName%3DKroger%26ServiceName%3DkrogerG etAcknowledge%26ServiceVersion%3Dnull%26LanguageNa me%3Den%26CountryName%3DUS%26MID%3D%26targetURL%3D http%253A%252F%252Flocalhost%253A8991%252Fshprod%2 52Fservlet%252FServletBroker%26timestamp%3DThu%2BM ar%2B16%2B10%253A51%253A43%2BGMT%252B02%253A00%2B2 000%26timeZone%3D...%26envelopeEncoding%3D%26input Encoding%3D%26outputEncoding%3D%26AuthorizedUser%3 D%26AuthorizedPassword%3D%26string.P_EVENT__T%3DDI SAKN%26string.P_CALL__T%3D353946%26integer.P_ACTIO N_NO%3D1%26String.P_EMP_KEY%3D533214-2011%26String.P_ETA%3D1%2BMay%2B2005%26String.P_ET A_TIME%3D20%253A15"

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -osint -compose
"mailto:facilities.maintenance@kroger.com?subject=F ormEmail&body=Sending
a reply to Kroger..."

Clearly, in case of IE7 on my system, the form data is not there. FF
does send the form data: as a second "body=" parameter to the
mailto-URL. Interestingly, FF also adds a parameter "force-plain-text=Y"
to it. [Using this parameter I could easily locate the Mozilla code
handling the form submission to a mailto-URL.]

I don't think that there's a uniform way in which browsers/mail clients
send form data to a mailto-URL. If you are a developer, you may want to
use the traditional way to send form data, i.e. send it to a servlet or
the CGI gateway.