redtech116 wrote:
> Well in the attached HTML when you submit it, it attaches all if this:
> ProviderName=Kroger&ServiceName=krogerGetAcknowledge&ServiceVersion=null&LanguageName=en&CountryName=US&MID=&targetURL=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8991%2Fshprod%2 Fservlet%2FServletBroker&timestamp=Thu+Mar+16+10%3A51%3A43+GMT%2B02%3A00+20 00&timeZone=...&envelopeEncoding=&inputEncoding=&outputEncoding=&AuthorizedUser=&AuthorizedPassword=&string.P_EVENT__T=DISAKN&string.P_CALL__T=353946&integer.P_ACTION_NO=1&String.P_EMP_KEY=533214-2011&String.P_ETA=29+Apr+2008&String.P_ETA_TIME=16%3A00
> it attaches the above as a file called Postdata.att when using IE7 to
> Outlook & IE7 to thunderbird, but does not when going from Firefox to
> Thunderbird
> In Thunderbird it just becomes text at the bottom of the message
> any ideas when i hit the submit button at the bottom of the HTML form
> why it does not attach the Postdata.att file when using Firefox to open
> the HTML file and Thunderbird as my mail client?
> thanks

Did you open the HTML in an editor to view it?
Here is the snipit code below (I suspect it was poorly formed for Ff:




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