I used to copy my entire profile folders of TB/ FF to my 80 Gig USB HDD.

Today, when I tried to copy, I got the message can't copy. I closed TB/
FF but to no avail. Booted my system, but the problem persists.

often this and that file in xp used to give that problem, often for
days, especially for large movie files, but it has happened first time
with TB/ FF and what is surprising is that it happened with both at the
same time.

And windows is designed so stupidly that if a single file has some
problem, out of 1000 files in a set of copy, it aborts entire copying
and doesn't proceed with copying the remaining files.

And there are so many subfolders in both TB/ FF that I don't have
patience to copy each folder/ sub/sub/ sub folders one by one to find
which exact folder or file is giving problem.

What to do? Pray that my HDD didn't blow away tonight or I am dead. :-)
I had deleted my previous copies that were in my USB HDD.

xpsp2, ff3b3, tb