Hello everyone,
I'm using firefox 1.5 and when it wants to work 2.0 version Mozilla Firefox with windows WP.
I've been using Mozilla Firefox as my default web browser for about 4 or 5 years now and I really love it, except for these few last months it has really annoyed me, I can't open it. We are 4 in the family to use this computer and all 3 other users don't have any problem to open their firefox I'm the only one who encounters problems. When I open my mozilla I wait and wait and nothing happens, then if I try to reinstall it, it tells me that it can't install because firefox hasn't closed, so usually I reboot and try to install it again and it still does not work, now if I try to install an older version like the 1.5 it will eventually work but then while I'm working on the 1.5, some pop up ask me if I want upgrade to 2.0 and I say yes but then again when I close and I reopen later on or after rebooting I can't open it again. It is very frustrating to have to reinstall each time I need to use it. Also the other day the worst happened I lost all my bookmarks, I followed the directions in the help menu and I was able to recover them in my profile but now I lost them again, I did the same procedure than before to restore them but it is not working anymore.
Could someone please help me to find my mozilla firefox back the way it was in the past few years and may be help me to restore my bookmarks..
Thank you very much in advance.
Veronique Vallin