RF wrote:
> Bob P wrote:
>> RF wrote:

>> ...
>>> Any thoughts about how to fix this file or where to find the data in
>>> the file or in its bits?

>> *I had to reply to your post to see the html characters. They didn't
>> show up in the original question in Thunderbird.
>> HTML files are all ASCII so you shouldn't find any characters in the
>> code that aren't on a normal keyboard.
>> Try this... (probably won't work)
>> Using a simple text editor, find the stuff that's in between
>> " >> including and which are the formating tags. You should be
>> able to ignore any other stuff not within the table tags.
>> Copy the lines where indicated (losing everything else):
>> >> "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
>> >> content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
>> http-equiv="content-type">Data? >> content="Me" name="author"> >> dir="ltr">
>> YOUR LINES HERE!!!!!!!!!
>> Name the file data.html
>> You'll have to sort out the gifs and jpg files separately.

Thank you Bob for your efforts.

I took all the .css files and added the header and footer you suggested.
There was only a very minor difference between the original css files
and what appeared in the browser after your header and footer were added.

Afterwards I studied the various files and subfiles and found that the
wierdo html files had the subfiles missing and I have no idea how that
could have happened. Those files are about 18 months old and I
remembered that I had backed them up to an external HD, very
fortunately. Since then I copied them over and replaced the defective
ones. The little joys of backups! :-)

Thanks again and have a great weekend