using FireFox on Windows (but same with any 2.x version), we
discovered a strange behaviour with our AJAX web applications.
The situation is replicable with this environment:

- IIS Server on Windows Server 2003
- any web application that uses AJAX (we tested Microsoft AJAX 1.0 and
AjaxPro.DLL with the same results)
- a Linux (any distro) box used as a firewall to the web server
- Mozilla Firefox as a client on any network behind that firewall.

The problem is that FireFox, using any part of the web application,
"opens" a number (many) of TCP connections on ports (like 3700, 3701,
3702, 3703 and so on) leaving these connections in "TIME_WAIT" state.
This has the immediate effect to "slow down" the user experience very
much, and in the worst cases to "hang" the application (on the client
side) making it unusable.

Some observations to note:
- we think this happens only with Linux-type firewalls (2.4 or 2.6
kernel is the same);

- THIS DOES NOT HAPPENS WITH Internet Explorer 7 or Opera 9 !!!! If
you "sniff" network traffic using these two browsers, you see TWO TCP
connections only in ESTABLISHED state, and all the traffic pass there
very quickly.

We made a lot of test to confirm these....

what can be done to avoid these or is a normal behavior ?

Thanks for the support...