Have a problem I've worked on for a week - browsing a newspaper site,
http://www.mvobserver.com/arts.htm there are hidden links in the
newspaper column for some advertisers. In IE these hidden links, when
clicked, go to the advertisers website. In Firefox they only display an
outline that there is something there. If the outline is displayed the
link is available. But the outline is a display problem, so if I set
(using about:config) browser.display.show_image_placeholders to false,
the placeholders disappear but then the underlying websites cannot be
accessed. Hate to have things that only IE works on.

How do I set Firefox to (1) not show the placeholders, yet (2)
make the links available if that area of the paper is clicked on? IE
handles this by changing the cursor arrow to a hand with finger.

Tia, Dave