>>>>>> I was wondering how come the checkbox to always remember my
choice as
>>>>>> to what action is performed when downloading a file from the

>>>>>> is *grayed out* when a default action is set, such as when

>>>>>> archives.
>>>>> What url and what are you doing that gets the undesired dialog

>>>>> Even though the checkbox looks grayed out, did you try checking the
>>>>> box you wanted anyway.
>>>>> Did you install any extension that includes the word download or
>>>>> something
>>>>> similar in the name.
>>>> It happens when I have archival programs in use which are set to

>>>> applications for particular file types.
>>> You already said that, I don't know what you mean by archival programs
>>> and you
>>> did not give a url.

>> Sorry,
>> Whenever I have winrar installed and I try to download an archive I only
>> get the option to open the file and not save, unless I uninstall the
>> program so I don't understand why the grayed out option is not there
>> regardless.

> I had to do a Google search to find out what WinRar was and the
> WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files
> WinRAR Vista Ultimate theme by AmEagle. Download: version with 48x48

> icons version with 64x64 toolbar icons version with 80x80 toolbar

> www.rarlab.com/themes.htm
> Looks like the current version is 3.70 which you must be at at least

> version to be compatible with Vista. Announcement May 30, 2007
> http://www.win-rar.com/481.html
> It would seem you are on Vista and you should make sure that you are

on the
> latest version, then I'd try checking their site, newsgroups, and

> pertaining to that software, where you are more likely to get an

answer to your
> question -- even if Firefox is somehow involved. I see it is

> You might check out UltimateZip which is now shareware to companies,

but is
> still Freeware for private (home) use.

> I've not installed it on Vista yet (just a few days on Vista) as

Vista will
> do extractions to a folder.
> and decompressions.
> --
> HTH,
> David McRitchie,
> Firefox Custom: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/firefox.htm

I had a look at ultimatezip and it appears good but mainly only for zip
files and in this case I need RAR support. I also tried 7-zip which I
think is very good but it doesn't associate itself with files in the
same way that WinRar does so of course I am wondering why FF can't just
fix itself.

I even de-installed WinRar and re-installed firefox and still the
problem exists.