Terry R. wrote:
> On 4/17/2007 4:35 PM On a whim, Lou pounded out on the keyboard
>> Terry R. wrote:
>>> On 4/17/2007 3:01 PM On a whim, Lou pounded out on the keyboard
>>>> Terry R. wrote:
>>>>> On 4/17/2007 1:41 PM On a whim, David McRitchie pounded out on the
>>>>> keyboard
>>>>>> Wouldn't this problem with Yahoo mail be handled better by continuing
>>>>>> in the Lou's original thread, rather than as footnote to this
>>>>>> long thread.
>>>>>> I think there was little feedback in Lou's thread(s). I don't think
>>>>>> there was any report back on running in safe mode, or if there
>>>>>> were changes to userChrome.css
>>>>>> See
>>>>>> http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firef...tm#diagnostics
>>>>> Sure it would if the OP would do so rather than continuing his
>>>>> complaints in this thread. I asked him if he tried my suggestions
>>>>> (in his post) and he hasn't completely answered it yet, nor
>>>>> answered it in his thread.
>>>> The OP has lost the original thread since he only sees Unread items
>>> Lou,
>>> Click View, Messages, All.

>> I know I know but that show 1,234,560 messages

> You were again sounding like you're complaining about a feature, so I
> explained how to change it. So, View All, locate your "lost thread",
> reply and change the view settings back!

Well I gave up on this group and posted in another (private) group.

After a few days the problem was solved
Here is a copy of the email from the great detective who solved it:
The last few sentences describe the fix!

> Leonidas Jones wrote: Maybe I'm
> on to something here.
> I disabled everything I could think of disabling,
> and
> the only way i could get the images not to display
> was
> if I disabled images entirely, or specifically
> blocked
> attach.mud.mail.yahoo.com or whatever it is. Even
> accepting from the originating website only, which
> is
> the usual cause of this, still allowed the images.
> I disabled javascript, cache,page referrers,
> redirects, all to no avail.
> However, cookies are an issue. When I disabled
> cookies altogether, I couldn't log into Yahoo at
> all, of course.
> However, when I disabled cookies for external web
> sites, suddenly the images would not load, and I
> would
> get broken image placeholders. Therefore I suspect
> you have a cookie permissions problem.
> In Firefox its hidden, but the about:config entry
> is:
> network.cookie.cookieBehavior
> Default value should be 0, setting it to 1 blocks
> the cookies that the images require.
> That's got to be it!
> Lee



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