Shortly, I will be commencing work on a new extension for Thunderbird,
which I am presently calling "listarchive" (my ability to invent names
is sadly lacking). Some basic information can be found at this page,
which I am still in the process of working on:

As stated on said page, one of the reasons I am writing this is to
develop a guide for writing extensions in Thunderbird that involve
components that interact quite complexly with several core mailnews
components, most notably the hydra that is the account manager. I am
also writing this because I think people can benefit from having some
saner access to mailing lists, especially mailman lists. diatribe as to why mailman sucks here>

For these reasons, I am posting some information to these groups. So as
to not burden others with such specificly-oriented replies, I am
requesting that you reply to this message by going to Message -> Reply
to Sender Only instead of the normal reply button. I also ask that all
feedback be sent to so that I may best
triage replies.

Anyways, I am requesting from prospective users and others with input
for these tidbits of information:
* Mailing list archive URIs; I ask in advance to not send any more
mailman URIs (unless it happens to be in a different language than
English), as I have several already. I am most interested in
accumulating a diverse supply of mailing list implementations and
international versions to best determine what impact
internationalization plays on list archives.

* Ways in which you think a mailing list archive should tie into regular
email. For example, I believe it should translate a mailing list URI
reference (e.g.,
into a link to open the message up as a TB email message.

* Any questions or suggestions for UI (this comes more into play once I
have some prototypes working).

* Any other question you may have (related to listarchive). I'm quite
willing to answer them.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time.

Joshua Cranmer