Thunderbird hangs when uploading new messages. I have tried
to uninstall and download the latest version, but the same problem
appears. Application seems to get stuck at one and the same message
every time. I have looked for this message in GMail (I use gmail) in
order to remove it from there but it doesn't exist there at all (!)
The message header says: Re: and it comes from Lauri Haines. Is
it some kind of virus that cause Thunderbird to fail?

If I click on any message in inbox nothing happen. I tried to move the
message to spamfolder but nothing happen. The application doesn't
react when clicking.

I have nearly 6000 messages in the inbox, I've failed to erase
messages after reading them. Is it a storage size problem? If so, how
can I get around this?

1000 thanks for any help!!!!